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    Audrey Healey • Aug 17, 2018

    SICIS is Adventurous

    Let’s reiterate: last week ’s clever personification of the SICIS brand emphasized its remarkable internationality. However, you likely failed to realize that this characteristic bleeds also into subject and composition. The SICIS Skyline collection, a prime example, quite obviously features a series of mosaic cityscapes. But the true adventure in the piece, is in fact its composition. Taking an unusually disciplined approach, mosaics are reimagined with harsh lines and structured geometry. The result: a modern twist on the archaic mosaic.

    SICIS is Current

    Further emphasized was the innovator in SICIS, through both patented inventions and a limitless imagination. A recipe of such results in a continuous flow of innovative collections. Featured above is SICIS Metallismo

    – the first steel mosaic collection in the world. Not only is this medium the first of its kind, but it also caters to several different moods while remaining current. With both steel and brass options, this collection is suitable for modern, industrial, or even retro preferences. After an impressive series of new patents and collections, not a single SICIS collection has ever been discontinued.

    SICIS is Luxury

    Finally, you came to know the brand as a “homemaker” in the mosaics business. Thus, ensuring that each piece is designed and produced in-house; even customized upon request. But the SICIS Gold collection redefines customization. The 24-karat gold is assembled by Ravenna artists, each piece hand-cut and set in place. In a single collection, SICIS embodies purity, value, and loyalty—a truly luxurious combination. In a technological world, SICIS has found a way to preserve the art of handiwork and deliver the expectation of luxury.

    If you’re interested in SICIS products, contact your local dealer, EBL Interiors.

    By Audrey Healey