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    Designs Worth Falling For

    Audrey Healey • Oct 09, 2018

    Designs Worth Falling For: A Glimpse of the Upcoming Fall 2018 Design Trends

    With each trip around the sun, design enthusiasts are eager to capture the spirit of the season. Ringing in the 2018 New Year, winter trends played into a visual melody of bold colors. Sapphire blue ensembles were harmonized with octaves of ruby red and Pantone’s Ultra Violet. As spring prompted the revival of life, trendsetters inspired the paradox of nature in the home. From the burn-curing Aloe Vera—to the recipe-enhancing Basil herb—this organic twist on design was both aesthetic and practical. Finally, the warmth of summer emerged, as did the classic gold metallics. Offering a warmth to the previously sought-after stainless-steel finish, gold lives on. Now, having fallen into the much-anticipated season of autumn, our designers are predicting the seasonal vogue.

    As seen during the winter months, a daring color palette bodes well for your interiors (in moderation, of course!) Now, winter’s boldness has been reinvented with the use of black, specifically through the surfaces of interior doors. Bertolotto’s black Sliding Plana Luxor makes a statement, while preserving the natural light in its reflection. We are seeing black accents being used across the home to exude sophistication and introduce an unusual deviation from the applauded stark-white approach.

    Speaking of life indoors, wood is making a huge comeback. The use of wood in the home allows for a certain warmth and softness that isn’t found in trendy high-polish lacquers and large-format porcelain slabs. Snaidero ’s Elegante Bespoke marries class and glamour without compromise. The timeless Italian design will truly elevate your space with this luxurious touch.

    Lastly, foreshadowed during the recent warm summer months, fall 2018 will prompt a surge of metallic accents. This time in all variations, from gold—to brass—to chrome. The SICIS Vetrite line rethinks the large-format slab with the introduction of metallic textiles and glass. No matter the application—walls, countertops, or furniture—your guests will envy this look.

    Whether you’re anxious to make big alterations to your home, or you simply want to add a few trendy accents, this forecast hopefully ignited your creative side. For more information on any of the products referenced, please contact EBL Interiors.

    By Audrey Healey