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    A Final Briefing of Porcelain Tile

    Audrey Healey • Aug 08, 2018

    Volume III of the Porcelain Series

    The launch of our first ever blog series The Smartphone of the Tile Industry provided readers with an informative summary of porcelain itself, and further, promised to introduce superior brands in the industry. Volume I communicated Keope ’s strength in capitalizing on the qualities naturally possessed by porcelain. Volume II familiarized readers with Cotto d’Este , a porcelain brand that pursues revolutionary production procedures and product possibilities. And finally, Volume III completes the porcelain series with a compilation of other noteworthy brands in the industry.

    Blustyle Ceramica

    Blustyle Ceramica, a Cotto d’Este company, offers a simple alternative without sacrificing quality or care for the environment. Though limited in thickness, Blustyle has created a number of unique products to suit a variety of applications. This is a great product if you’re seeking a more cost-effective choice without restricting your options. Take a glimpse at one of their product lines below.

    Blustyle’s Blutech is said to combine elegance and performance. Not only is the non-enameled, through-body stoneware suitable in nearly any location, but further, it is comprised of six color options, five surface options, and three size options. Given its versatility, Blutech is apt for a variety of clients. Use this stoneware with the intention of simplicity and sophistication.

    RAK Ceramics

    Unlike previously featured Italian brands, RAK Ceramics was founded in the United Arab Emirates. RAK specializes in a diverse project scale, catering to projects small, large, and in between. With operational hubs on multiple continents and 15,000 staff members, over 110 million square meters of tile are produced yearly. Explore one of their many tiles lines below.

    RAK’s Maximus offers new solutions with Mega Slabs. Separating RAK from its many competitors is a product solely dedicated to countertop application. Maximus provides the ability to minimize design disruption and create a continuity that can be challenging to achieve with differing materials. For those inspired by conspicuous veining and texture, see the Macaubas and New Travertino variations.

    Quintessenza Ceramiche

    Quintessenza Ceramiche aims to “awaken curiosity in the observer” and “unleash…creative energy.” This objective is clear in the art that is their porcelain tile. Quintessenza features delicate ornamentation, daring geometrics, and distinct contrast. See one of their artistic lines below.

    Quintessenza’s Origami aims to celebrate the allure of a three-dimensional surface with grace. The rhythmic tile offers only neutral colors: black, white, and a metallic brown called “Stella.” Origami proposes three combinations that allow the user to customize their blend. For the bold and the brave, seek Quintessenza.

    That concludes our series The Smartphone of the Tile Industry . For inquiries, contact your Naples, Florida dealer, EBL Interiors.

    By Audrey Healey